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It does not matter how many games you have won or you win, No matter what business you’re in.

​If your IPR strategy momentum is slow or in wrong direction, someone will pass you by. We will be glad to help you come out a winner.

​Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come to you. We are your companion and mentors, always there to assist, advice and aid you to get up and realize the opportunities

  • Real Estate
    REAL ESTATE We at Agnihotri & Jha Associates® represent developers, contractors, builders, consultants, flat purchasers, etc. Our real estate practice...
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  • Media & Entertainment
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  • Sports Law
    Sports Law
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  • Engineering Sector
    Engineering Sector Engineering & Law IPR protection adds tremendous monetary value to innovations in the engineering sector. Many engineers have very...
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  • E-Commerce
    E-Commerce E-commerce Law e-commerce often involves selling products and services that are based on intellectual property (IP) and its licensing. Music,...
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  • Education Sector
    Education Sector IP is an emerging issue within the education arena. Universities and public research institutions are among the direct...
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  • Packaging Industry
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  • Manufacturer & Retailers
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  • Chemistry & Lifescience
    CHEMISTRY & LIFE SCIENCE CHEMISTRY AND LIFE SCIENCE & IRP Chemistry and Life science sectors are gaining importance over past few...
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  • IT & Software
    IT & Software It has been a while now that technology in relation to Intellectual property rights has become the...
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  • Pharmaceutical
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