IPR & its impact on Packaging Industry

In today’s competitive world, packaging of products serves as the identification of the product hence fostering Legal protection for packaging a highly recommended. Packaging is defined as a method or container made to protect products from damage. The packaging industry is highly innovative and the design and manufacture of new packaging and packaging related technology can frequently result in the generation of intellectual property that can provide a valuable commercial advantage. Copying of packaging idea can result in loss in sales as well as misleading the consumers.

It ensures that the goods and products reach the final consumer safely and in same condition as it is present immediately after manufacturing. The products which are packaged range from food to electronics or manufactured items all having different packaging criteria.

Packaging design development requires detailed knowledge of products, packaging and the distribution environment, as well as the interaction between them. The process involves input from variety of disciplines and influences such as history, science, engineering, political and social responsibility. The distribution environment, product durability and packaging tests are to be taken into account while developing a packaging material. All of these requires lot of research and testing.

Most commonly used IPR protection in packaging sector are Designs, Copyrights and Patents.

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